interim manager and supply chain and logistics specialist, aiming at operations excellence

Interim professional and specialist in Supply Chain Management

I am an operations, change and program/project manager and I am involved in restructuring and professionalization of organizations. I have been working as an independent interim professional since 2010 and am a specialist in the field of supply chain management.

In my position as Vice President Logistics Operations at Yamaha Motor Europe NV (until 2010) I was responsible for the program to transform a decentralized logistics organization of more than 30 local operations into a centrally managed European supply chain organization with a standard warehouse , transport and distribution system and supported by a logistics IT system. In addition to planning, budget, organization and risk management, stakeholder management was the key to success when implementing the program.

In addition, I guide teams and individual employees/managers to improve processes and output. I coach immigrants with a BSc / MSc rated diploma to enter the labour market. I advise companies in developing countries. I work from Blokzijl and Amsterdam.