interim manager and supply chain and logistics specialist, aiming at operations excellence


My values

  • Eagerness to make things work
  • Keep it simple, clear and transparent
  • Not accept that systems and procedures cannot be perfect
  • Taking into account human and financial values

Key strenghts and characteristics

  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills
  • Being wondered, open minded
  • Drive to develop integrated concepts
  • Motivator and stimulator of a team

My core activities

  • Define long terms objectives and future goals
  • Define Cost and Service levels
  • Translate into efficient Supply Chain and Logistics concept
  • Ensure stakeholder involvement and commitment
  • Inventory control and procurement strategy (direct/indirect, needs and sourcing analysis)
  • Achieve excellence by using experience and essence
  • Align demand, forecast and production planning
  • Decide on organizational design, HR policies and communication
  • Analyze (dis)advantages of outsourcing
  • Incorporate flexibility in the value chain
  • Design inventory control, warehouse operations and transport systems (3 & 4 PL concepts)
  • Decide on IT functionalities
  • Determine favourable location, with optimized site and size of the warehouse
  • Control trade facilitation (Customs, Security, Safety, Risk, Compliance)
  • Procurement (supplier selection and supplier agreements
  • Project management to organize and balance stakeholder interest
  • Purchasing: tender management and purchasing of services of logistics service providers
  • Define, monitor and manage key performance indicators and quality control, implement supplier guidelines
  • Ensure alignment with stakeholders and third parties
  • Management Information system to report/control operations
  • Support in layout and start-up of (complex) warehouse
  • Program, Change and Interim management, training and development of logistics staff