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“Sorry, we missed you”

Pauline Kleijer writes in the Volkskrant:

It is a lie of course, that entrepreneurship from Ricky (Kris Hitchen). Officially, he can call himself his own boss in his new job as a parcel deliverer. In reality, he is tied to one client who does not grant him a millimeter of freedom. Ricky, who has always worked but never had much luck in his career, is what you call a false self-employed person.

Yes, he pays for the costs of his new delivery van. The risks – illness, damage claims – are also for him. He is also a slave to neo-liberalism, dragging twelve hours a day without a break, hunted by a tracking system that keeps track of which package is located where.

The British director Ken Loach has been fighting unconditionally for the weak in society for more than fifty years. In Sorry We Missed You, he turns against the flexibilisation of the labor market, which for the lowest-paid comes down to a beautifully packaged flut gift: here, independence, just suffocate.

It is an excellent indictment of false self-sufficiency in healthcare and in logistics.

Agrologistics in Colombia

Via PUM I advice a trading company in fruit and vegetables in Pereira, Colombia. The company wants help with the implementation of planning, inventory management and improvement of customer service and more efficient processing and shipping of orders. We created an actionplan for the development of the operation (processes & procedures), the organization, IT set-up and the strategy towards the market.

In 2010, I  joined the Netherlands Senior Experts (PUM) to join in programmes to advice small and medium sized companies in developing countries on enhancement and change projects. Recent missions were to Kenya, Mongolia, Pakistan and Bosnia.

Next to PUM I am available for logistics projects in developing countries by non-profit organizations/NGO’s. For information and availability, please do not hesitate to contact me. Special rates will be applied.


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