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Coach for high educated immigrants with residence/working permit

For an immigrant with working/residence permit in the Netherlands are a lot of bumps to take in the search for work: cultural differences, the language barrier and all the rules in the Netherlands. And it is important they go to work quickly. It is good for their integration, self-image, health and therefore for integration in the Netherlands. These immigrants (and certainly this group with a good education at HBO level) bring many talents and experiences. They are entrepreneurial, have perseverance and they are multilingual. As a volunteer, I guide them in the search for work. I walk on with the status holder: sometimes as a support, and often as a sounding board.

One client has found a job at a technical engineering firm and has started a training program in the run-up to the start of his work in September 2019. In addition, I guide 2 others looking for work, 1 in the (research in the) dairy sector and the other in IT hardware / financial administration. If you have suggestions or if you want more information, please contact me.

Agrologistics in Colombia

Via PUM I am going to do research at a trading company in fruit and vegetables in Colombia. The company wants help with the implementation of planning, inventory management and improvement of customer service and more efficient processing and shipping of orders.

In 2010, I  joined the Netherlands Senior Experts (PUM) to join in programmes to advice small and medium sized companies in developing countries on enhancement and change projects. Recent missions were to Kenya, Mongolia, Pakistan and Bosnia.

Next to PUM I am available for logistics projects in developing countries by non-profit organizations/NGO’s. For information and availability, please do not hesitate to contact me. Special rates will be applied.

Assignments Juthout Advies

Advice on (changes in) supply chain organizations, warehousing, transportation, distribution and S&OP. Coach for logistics team and individual team members and coach for high educated immigrants with residence/working permit to find a paid job.

Larger completed assignments:

  • Wabtec CorporationStemmann Technik, Business Consultant. Develop and implement new supply chain management organization, define Management Information and KPI’s to control supply chain, support and improve S&OP process and define Supply Chain Improvement Action Plan (Germany, Schüttorf, 2018)
  • CooperSurgical Inc (CSI), Interim Manager to advice on Global Supply Chain Improvement Programme. Assess current status of the global logistics operations and define plan to prepare on growth and future customer requirements (Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017).
  • Zebra Technologies, Senior Program Manager EMEA DC Consolidation in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. Program management for EMEA EDC Consolidation in Heerenveen, extension of building, storage capacity and workshop facilities, implement change, prepare on and guide GoLive and control business stabilization ( 2016 – 2017). Target is 1 order, 1 delivery, 1 invoice. (Heerenveen, The Netherlands, 2016 – 2017).
  • Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Work Stream Lead Logistics for global merge project of Douwe Egberts Master Blenders and Mondelez (Coffee business) in Jacobs Douwe Egberts. Control team, define scope, coordination of workshops with countries involved, define hotspots and severity/priority and implement change, guide GoLive and control business stabilization. Advice on transport- and pallet management systems (Amsterdam/Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2015- 2016),
  • AbbVie, Senior Business Consultant in project for outsourcing of logistics operations for AbbVie Logistics. Contracting, implementation phasing, planning, testing and start. (Zwolle, The Netherlands, 2014 – 2015)
  • DHL Supply Chain, Senior Project manager automotive project for Subaru Europe, new Fashion EDC and for site closure and decommissioning (The Netherlands/ Belgium, 2012 – 2014)
  • Van Duuren Districenters, Interim operations director, Operations Management, IT systems, network optimization, organization, management information systems (The Netherlands, 2011)
  • CAT Groupe, Tender manager automotive (Germany, Berlin, 2010)
  • Until 2010 VP Logistics Operations in Yamaha Motor Europe NV.

For more details of each assignment, please check “track record”.