interim manager and supply chain and logistics specialist, aiming at operations excellence


Juthout Advies Supply Chain Management (SCM)

is specialized in interim, project and change management in the field of international Logistics and Supply chain management.  Juthout Advies SCM delivers senior management experts for companies looking for optimization of logistics and SCM and has wide experience with operations management over (complex) operations and with procurement.

Experience has been gained in projects to restructure the supply chain, start/up of new, complex operations and warehouses, realization of green field operations, new concept for pan European set-up and shut down of all local operations including IT systems and HR, procurement and customs optimization.

An example of a large logistics and change project has been presented in a business case. A presentation with a summary containing steps and process is shown by the following link: Presentation Supply Chain Improvement & Change project


My experience is development and management of integrated SCM concepts, including IT and HR strategies, and taking into account stakeholder management.

Expertise is in IT systems, Procurement (strategy, define needs for direct/indirect procurement, in/outsourcing and tender management) of warehousing, transport and distribution and trade facilitation (legal, tax, customs, safety, security).

Key is to secure financial and human values and to motivate, train and stimulate team of professionals.

I am confident to work in a multi-cultural environment (Europe, USA, Far East).

Independent and tailor made advice can be given to companies who consider to enter the European market and are confronted with SCM challenges.


No hesitation to travel frequent, neither to work at a (temporary) location abroad.

New, temporary contracts will be considered. Please do not hesitate to contact me.”



  • Interim & Change manager and experienced Operations Manager in senior management positions and adviser of companies in Operations, international Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Procurement.

  • Over 30 years in international business, mainly in Europe, and specialized in multicultural environments, including Asian business culture.

  • Performs since 2010 assignments as interim manager in European companies (The Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium) and is associate consultant.

  • Previous experience includes management positions in Yamaha Motor Europe NV as Vice President Logistics Operations until 2010.

  • As a volunteer (PUM, Senior Experts Netherlands) assist small companies in developing countries with enhancement projects.

  • Holds a Master degree Economics from Wageningen University & Research Centre.